17 November 2010

Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony is as good as the unity candle ceremony. It uses, of course, a sand for this kind of traditions. Some couple uses two colors to represents the bride and groom, some uses three and the one color represents God. 

People believed that this was originated from Hawaii. They might have trouble in lighting their unity candle due to strong winds along their beaches. 

As easy as unity candle, couple just need a vase and colored sands for this ritual. This symbolizes that they are not 2 flesh but as one. That the two separate families will move in unity for the new couple. 

10 November 2010

Inspirational Board

It is mainly a collage of pictures. This is not only use for wedding but it is widely used for keeping the creators focus on their goals. 

There are two ways in doing it. First, you can do it literally on a board. Look for some photos, magazine cut-outs, buttons, ribbons, then paste it artistically on the board. If you don't want to be too messy, try to do it on photoshop or other computer programs. Just copy and paste the digital photos, type in some words and phrases, then the board will came to life. Less mess and more eco-friendly. 

Many wedding websites offers their help for the brides to design their wedding inspiration style board. Like Dessy, try to check out their site.

09 November 2010

Wedding Logo and Monograms

Some couples stressing themselves in looking and getting ideas for the theme of their wedding. Then, some have no worries on that, not because they have a wedding planner, it is because the wedding logo or monogram stands as their wedding theme. It can be printed not only on the save-the-dates and invitations, it can also reflect on cake topper, cupcakes, runner, souvenirs and so on.

Look at the pictures below.

That was the design I use to have an experiment on. This is what I have found in looking in some other posts...The Wedding Chicks.

03 November 2010

Ninang Zeny

She's not Evangeline Pascual, she's Zenaida Pascual, my ninang Zeny. She's my constant prayer warrior and my closest ninang. 
She never fails to send me text ng pangungumusta simula nung malaman niya ang number ko. Natigil na lang nung nagpunta ako dito sa abroad, pero she always tells mama to send her regards to me.
We are so happy when she said yes na gagawin namin siyang ninang sa kasal.

02 November 2010

Wedding Colors Meaning

Taken from LimeExchange

    Blue, Red and Yellow are primary, combining them in different strengths and lightness, we will come up with so many different colors. 

    In studies, colors  reflects and affects the personality of the people seeing and using it. Designers put in their mind how to harmonize those and how the people will react on the colors of their designed logos, webpages, even brochures.

As well in wedding,  motif is a essential part of the preparation. Couples look intricately on definition of each color they will use.

White this is common on wedding dress because it serves the meaning of purity, cleanliness, and innocence.

Black is a uncommon motif used on weddings, but nowadays, many people chose to have it for it symbolizes formality and sophistication. 

Blue known for calmness, royalty, tranquility. The bad side, it also represents depression and loneliness.

Red symbolizes love, passion, and power. It is a color of luck in China but it also represents war and blood.

Yellow is happy, sunshine, hope. In Japan, it is courage and royalty. Yellow is close to the gold that is gives to it the wealthy meaning. 

Green stands for money, nature, abundance, new life and new beginning. Jealousy takes the bad part.

Orange represents energy.

Pink shows the feminine side, sweet and harmony. It usually use in wedding flowers and invitations to soften the other colors.

Brown comforts because it the color of wood, stone, and earth. 

Purple creates the eye for luxury, spirituality, nobility, romance and sensuality.

    However no one proved that these colors affect their married life after using it as their wedding motifs or themes. Life after the wedding solely depends on the couple.