09 April 2018

7 Things We've Learned in 7 Years of Marriage

ABBEY: I know there will be more years to come and more lessons to be learned, but here are my 3 tips I acquired for the past 7 years.

Be yourself
In a world full of pretension, not showing the real you will be the last thing you will do to your partner. He/she will be the first and last person you will see each day. You will do everything with him/her; doing chores, grocery, shopping, movie dates, vacation, etc. Doing this will let your partner know how you feel and how you act. And this will lead to openness and some compromises to have a better relationship.

Communication is key
I’m talking about two-way communication. If he/she talks, then you listen and your time will come. Be open and sincere to whatever you’re saying. Resolve disagreements without shouting and in a peaceful manner. If you’re angry, it is fine to keep silent. But not too much that you’ll forget what you were angry about and the issue will remain unsettled. Choose your words wisely. Whenever you’re talking to him/her, you’re talking to yourself. Remember, he/she is your better-half. You cannot take back what you said.

Do the “little” things
A hug, a kiss, a pat on the back or saying “I miss you, I love you” goes a long way. These “little” things matter most. But give it with a gift and it will surely hit a homerun. Kidding aside, showing your affection will be felt right to the heart. Besides, doing these “little” things is where it all started. They keep the fire burning.

------- It All Began at Manila Central University (HS) 1996 -------
Manila Central University
New Gymnasium

Manila Central University
Old II-Self Reliance Classroom

Manila Central University
New Canteen

Manila Central University
New Gym but Old Bleachers 

Manila Central University
New Gymnasium

Manila Central University
New Gymnasium

Manila Central University

Manila Central University
Old I-Respect Room 

Manila Central University
High School Second Floor Lobby

Manila Central University
Old I-Respect Room

Manila Central University

Manila Central University
Stairs Beside Ate Dhang Haha! 
------- Seven Years... Still Going Strong ------- 

WILL: Seven years! Oh my gosh! That is way too fast! Noh?! The memories of proposal, meet-the-family (pamanhikan), and of course the wedding is still fresh on my mind. Parang kahapon lang. And now, we are celebrating our 7th year of togetherness this year!

Whenever I was asked by people, what makes our relationship or our marriage seems perfect, I always told them the things below. Oh one more thing, we only have one big fight on our entire relationship. How big? I banged the door of our room. Cause? A Fish! So silly!

Anyways, here you go!

One Goal - We have one goal in different aspects of life. Emotionally, to always cherish each other. Financially, Absolute Financial Freedom. On health, our goal is to be more preventive than fighting for a cure.

There Is No Such Thing As Privacy - Yes! Abbey and I all know our passwords. Gadgets, emails, social media sites, and even banks and investments. Why should I keep my password from you if there is nothing to hide? This is not a rule or we never talk about it that it should be like that way. We just saw ourselves updating each other every time we need to change passwords.

Anytime, we can check each other's account, but we do not do it. First we do not have time to lurk on those, second we have..

Trust - Aside Love, trust is one of the basic thing in relationship. Once you say "I Do', you are entrusting your future with the man/woman with you at the altar. Do not lie. Do not cheat. Do not do anything that can break the very fragile feeling of "TRUST".


Always Think Anytime He/She Will Leave You - If everyday you will think that anytime your partner may die or may leave you for another woman, you will always do the very best thing you can do for them. You will always tell them how much you love them, how much you miss them, how much you are proud of them. You will thank them even in the smallest thing that they do for you. Morbid? But this is effective. 

That's it! Happy 7th year anniversary to both of us! haha! 

09 April 2014

3rd Wedding Anniversary - Leather

April 애이프릴 Fortunato: HOW I SEE KUYA ABBEY AND WILMA TOGETHER . Quite tough question. Quite, Gentleman, Good Guy, Responsible, Sweet and all the positive traits you can ever think for in a Guy, I think Kuya Abbey have it All ..Gullible, Cheerful, Good-Money Planner, Witty, Has an eye for details and … what more?
With the two being together, it is like a Korean Novel with the Good Guy falling in love with a difficult-to-be-with girl. And at the end the girl learn to fall in love with the guy changing the negative characteristics of the girl. It is like a fairy tale story with an ending of “and they live happily ever after”. They are like the North Pole and the South Pole of a Magnet they really “attract each other”. Whatever kind of views people think around this couple, all I know is .. 
Love is a give and take situation that this couple knows every RULE of the WORD “RELATIONSHIP”.


Monnette Ignacio Guangco: i love and admire this couple... they inspired and teach me a lot of things in life... they also make me believed that relationship grows if the two person are compromising with each other.. they are like lovers, and friends and of course they argue sometimes(duh.. they are Also human ) LOL
Anyway, happy anniversary to you Guys... i wish that you live your life together forever and good health and happiness.. i love you both ♥♥♥


Jen Flores-Saludares: For me perfect kau sa isat isa kc hindi lang kau couple magbestfriend classmate soulmate pa kayo. Sa tingin k laht ng mga plans nio matutupad kc magaling kau magplan at mginvest. Ang talagang pinagiicipan nio lahat ng decision n gagawin nio. Im happy for both of you.happy 3rd anniversary sa inyo.god bless


Marnelli Delina: Marriage is not about two people who are exactly the same and thought they'd be good together. Marriage is about one person who is the exact opposite of another person, and both choosing to love each other forever. The way I see it, Abbey and Wilma are one good example of the latter. They may not be compatible, but they complement each other. As Jerry Maguire said, "You complete me..." For what good is a cup with another cup, or a pen with another pen? Cup goes with saucer, pen goes with paper, and a pot works well with a lid... It doesn't need another pot. Abbey could have ended up with someone who also likes romantic movies, but I'm sure that he ended up loving sci-fi movies too because of Wilma. Likewise, Wilma could've married someone who will eat Cheetos or Doritos WITH her, instead she found someone who would buy them FOR her, and let her have them all for herself! These are trivial things, but I'm sure that God designed Abbey and Wilma for each other for a much deeper reason, and a much higher purpose.
Abbey and Wilma, as you celebrate 3 years of a happy, meaningful, and productive marriage, I wish you happy anniversary! May you continue to inspire each other and others, keep on encouraging yourselves to explore and try new things. Always choose to be happy whenever, wherever, however way you can. I pray that the love you share to your families, specially to your parents, be the same love that will be the foundation of your own family. Hoping to see little Abrahams and mini-Wilmas in God's good time. Cheers!
Richard Macalintal: Happy 3rd year anniversary to you Wilma and Abbey! I may not know you long enough, but I can say you are truly blessed and destined to be with each other. Stay in love and keep the passion burning.. Soon you'll have your little ones, so enjoy your life together while you still can….hahaha
You're one of the very few couple that I know practising financial literacy. I'm sure you'll on your way towards financial freedom very soon….few more years. Just keep on investing and increasing your real estate portfolio. And don't forget us when you reach the top….
Enjoy every moments that you are together. Be a blessing to others. And help us spread financial literacy

Floi Wycoco: First of, I would like to congratulate Wilma and Abbey on their 3rd wedding anniversary.
The first time I had an encounter with this couple when they've found out that my group, The Global Filipino Investors has a community based in Singapore. Wilma then offered the facilities of their condo to conduct a cashflow session. During our bonding together with the other members of the community, this is when I get to know more of the couple. 

Abbey, is an IT guy humbly shared his story as an employees and his enlightenment towards the importance of financially investing their hard earned money. While Wilma, also guested one article in our website, also shared how his father have inspired her to be what she is today. 

All I can say that these two is one of the ideal couples I've ever known. They are open for opportunities and always make sure to learn whether financially or the betterment of their relationship. I am glad to get to know Abbey and Wilma. For me they are not just one of best couple I've known with but an inspiration to other people

Zhel Salavarria: Love, Faith, commitment, sharing and fun... Super sweet with each other.. Thats why idol ko kayo when it comes to.. Relationship...
For the best couple I’ve ever met. Congratulations! You made through another year. And wishing you to have many many more anniversaries. You and kuya are brought together by love, In the process, you’ve gained a friend for life. Share everything to one another, And love each other.
You guys are the sweetest couple I’ve ever seen.. Stay in love with each other. May this another year of being together by grand and happy!


Abigail Lapuz-Austria
They're like
Red AND Green, Yellow AND Violet, Blue AND Orange. Just like these colors they're not the perfect match in everybody's eyes but the color wheel says they complement each other. Sabi nga ni Mareng Merriam at Pareng Webster complement is something that completes something else or makes it better. Let me rephrase what they said Wilma completes Abbey and makes him better and vice versa. Happy 3rd and more to come. May Jesus be always the "AND".
P.S. Free massage pwede na.
Kathrina Ceballos:   The Prosecutor and the Investigator - Investigator She is particular with details..before she gets into an argument she makes sure she's well backed up with facts. Which she was able to get in a very resourceful way.
So after she got what she needed, she'll lay all the info she gathered until the puzzle is solved.
Next step is to defend it, so the unsuspecting offender will be engaged in a usual chit chat until she drops the bomb. -Prosecutor
He looks good as a prosecutor..he's got an impeccable aura about him. He speaks with calmness that would make you feel at ease but his looming height would shy away any retort.
happy anniversary guys...Ü
Gil Russell San PedroAbbey and Wilma is one cool couple. They would be there to attend whatever event is going on in town and they would also be the first to take advantage of the latest promos. Not that they are cheap though. In fact, they're one of the most giving that I've met - always open to treat you, share what they have or help you out. I think it's only a reflection of how smart they are about their money and how much they want to live a good life. 
And I couldn't be any happier to see them achieve their dreams. Unless of course, if it would include having their babies (soon?) which would definitely make me much more happier for them.

03 June 2012

Be Bridalicious

Every bride wants to be at their best while walking down the aisle. Some hitting up all the diet sessions to lose some wait, some do nit ears at all. All were going to salon, facial clinics and spas to be radiant and glowing, am I correct? Well for those who have problems on their body, and bulging skin they want to shred, why not watch the steps below to lose that extras underneath the skin.

01 January 2012

Wedding Shoes

So many shoes to choose from but you only have two feet. Ha! 
In wedding, most of the brides took a lot of time not only for their wedding dresses but also on their shoes and for their partner's. But the more intricate about the details were the girls. 

Some of them do customization just to meet the requirements. Some were just okay on the ready made ones. But for now, not only high healed shoes are in-demand, actually anything now can be use, it just depends on the characteristics of the partner or their wedding theme. 

Others uses sneakers, rubber shoes, boots, some uses the infamous sandals or other were just barefoot. Ha!

For us here is our footwear. Thanks to Charles & Keith and Hush Puppies, we do not need some made-to-order shoes. 

05 November 2011

Wedding Favors

How to choose wedding favors? As far as we know there are so many ideas to choose from but the best thing to narrow down the options is to know how the favors/souvenirs will represent you and your partner.

As for us, we have three sets of souvenirs.

We are so much in love with hot drinks... coffee, tea and chocolate is a must. So we decided to to give some cups. Teeshoppe sponsored these. Thanks Hazel.

Then what comes a long with hot drinks? Of course sweets! Bella Ibarra do that for us. 

We love shirts, so we decided to give some of black and white shirt with golden prints of our logo and date of our wedding. Thanks to RJ and AR Photography for sponsoring this.

After you determined what is your favorite thing that will represent you as a couple, then you may take note of your budget. 

12 October 2011

Should you invite your ex to your wedding?

This is a sticky topic to some and to others is a no-brainer question... 
Should you invite your ex?

For a "yes" and the reasons:
  * You are friends
  * Having a children together.
  * Wants your ex to witness how happy you are.
  * If your ex also invited you at their wedding.

With a "no":
  * Do not invite them for revenge. 
  * They maybe cause of gossip or worst... a drama.
  * Even if you are friends, do not invite if your future husband/wife is uncomfortable.

Now, upon giving some pointers to ponder before you invite your ex, will you? or   a big no?

23 September 2011

Wedding Vows

Wedding vow is a solemn promise and it is essential on every ceremony. May its traditional or personalized, this is the most awaited part of every wedding.
But it is not easy at it may seems. Imagine, doing a vow in front of the people you love, the church and to your partner. So some resorts to the traditional "I do" but personalizing it still the best and very romantic.

So here are some pointers to start with.
First, do not tell your fairy tale, cut your love story short, I know you do not want your visitors yawning to sleep.
Then reminisce all your partners lovable traits. After that, follow up the promises of your future as husband and wife.
You can put it in a file on your handphone or try to write it at a piece of card or stationery.