20 March 2011

Ninang Remy

I also call her Ninang Remy, kasi since birth naman ata yun n ang naririnig na tawag sa kanya ng kuya ko. Kaya nakikininang na din ako. And now totohanin ko na tawag ko sa kanya nun. Why we asked her to be our secon parents? Base sa mga stories nya, eh she is a good sample how to handle a big family with naughty boys in it. And of course i am a big fan of her how she handles money. Biro mo pagupo palang namin sa living room nila, she gave us a big smile then an investment plan agad :)
Cool mom. Cool aunt. Cool Ninang :)

19 March 2011

Kuya Eudes

   Kapit bahay namin sya and actually kumpare sya ni Nanay and my brother told me to get the Customs Administration course and be like this man. And now, here I am, a Licensed Customs Broker and he was a big part of that achievement.
   Kuya Eudes, as we all call him, is my mentor and protector during my review days. He leads a free review group for the chosen ones. Haha! We love this man but i know he love us more :)
   So why Kuya Eudes to be our Ninong? Because di lng nagtatapos ang pagiging mentor nya sa loob ng classroom, he is also my guide sa career and love life.. As usual stubborn pa rin ako s mga payo nya. Ahaha! Love kuya! Eh Ninong na pala! Haha! 

16 March 2011

Our cute Ring Bearer

Syempre, cute yan, pamangkin ko yan eh! He is John Sebastian, my very witty nephew and ang kasama ko pag naglilinis ng room ko.. Close kami diba? hehe.. 

Sana lng wala syang tantrums sa kasal :) 

13 March 2011

Flower Girls



Aseret Mae and Precious Hannah will be our flower girls. This little cutie girls will add in some spice of beauty and freshness on our entourage.They are in-charge of spreading the petals on our aisle. 
See you soon girls :) 

02 March 2011

Our Best Man

I don't know if rumors are true that Aries planned to have me as his bestman. Unfortunately, I was not even able to attend to his wedding. That's why I'm hesitant to ask him to be my bestman since my brother can't come home when I tie the knot. I called him and he accepted it. He's a classmate from college, a good and responsible leader of "Rabasu" team. We had talks about aspects and plans in life on our LRT trips and ate quail eggs as we go home. He also got a good outlook in life and is married to his "ex"-girlfriend and now Mrs. Nica Azur.