05 November 2011

Wedding Favors

How to choose wedding favors? As far as we know there are so many ideas to choose from but the best thing to narrow down the options is to know how the favors/souvenirs will represent you and your partner.

As for us, we have three sets of souvenirs.

We are so much in love with hot drinks... coffee, tea and chocolate is a must. So we decided to to give some cups. Teeshoppe sponsored these. Thanks Hazel.

Then what comes a long with hot drinks? Of course sweets! Bella Ibarra do that for us. 

We love shirts, so we decided to give some of black and white shirt with golden prints of our logo and date of our wedding. Thanks to RJ and AR Photography for sponsoring this.

After you determined what is your favorite thing that will represent you as a couple, then you may take note of your budget. 

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