22 October 2010

Unity Candle

This is the UNITY CANDLE used by Ate Rhiz. Very proud of her kasi parehas sila ni Ate Gail... mga DIY girls. They are very creative and artistic and doing such things. 

As per Ate Rhiz, there are only things we need for this candle.
          1. Candle 
          2. Gems 
          3. Flowers 
          4. Ribbon

Then the designing will be based on your artistic choice. Spending not more than Php400.00

For others, this is a very easy task, but for us na walang ka-art-art this is a big load. 

Happy Designing!

20 October 2010

Ninong Afin

He's the buddy-buddy of my father. Kaya naging ninong ko siya sa aking binyag. All through out my childhood at kahit sa maging ganito na ako kalaki, he's always there to give me advice, or I would rather say silang mag-asawa. Mixed emotions nung nalaman ko na aalis ni sila for US of A sa October 25. Hindi na sila makaka-attend ng kasal namin. But we're happy for them kasi makakapunta na sila sa Tate. Matagal na rin kasi nilang pinaplano yun.

We decided na gawin namin siyang ninong because in my personal experience, he will try his best to guide us in our marriage life just as he guided me as my ninong nung binyag. Thanks, Ninong Afin.

19 October 2010

Ninong Ariel and Ninong Joel

They we're surprised nung nalaman nila na gagawin namin silang mga ninong namin. Ninong Joel even jested kung ninong daw ba sila binyag. Hehe.

Ninong Joel is my manager at Accenture. Ibang klaseng manager po siya. He's the type of person na hindi mauubusan ng positivity sa buhay. Kahit stressful sa work environment at maraming dapat na pag-ukulan ng pansin, still he's always on top of every situation. He also encourages me to strive hard sa work and personal life. At paminsan-minsan, I'm lucky enough to enjoy his perk, ang makisakay sa kanyang Mazda 3 :)

Si Ninong Ariel naman ang lagi kong kau-kausap kapag night shift ako. He always opens ideas kung ano ang pwede kong gawin sa career ko, at nagbibigay din ng insight sa buhay may-asawa.

Wilma and I  know that they are more willing to help us as we start our marriage life and still there as our journey continues.

17 October 2010


Flowers are beautiful, elegant, and the scent is outstanding, but, we must admit they are also expensive. Almost 5% of wedding budget goes to the fresh flowers decorations in ceremony hall and reception. 

Here, glad to know to cut some of the unnecessary expense that this may cost.

Kusudama originates from Japan. This is a folded paper flowers. Some of the bride use them as an alternate for their bouquets, aisle decorations and some were used to be their centerpiece. 

There are so few materials and  steps to do those flowers. 

Happy Folding :) 

14 October 2010

101010 - Pamanhikan - 101010

Dami bang food Sam?

Katula neng magulang y Abbey. 

Mama and Nanay


Original Plus All. 

11 October 2010

Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal

Armas - Lapuz Nuptial
10 - 08 - 10

   This is a good way to send the affection sa mga kamaganak na ikakasal dito sa Pilipinas. Very sweet, simple and entertaining. 

10 October 2010


This is a Filipino pre-wedding tradition where the parents of bride sends their daughter's hand to be part of another family. 

A festive celebration before the wedding at bride's home. All foods were prepared by the groom's family. Hereof, details for the wedding is formally set for discussion. Venue, guest list, and even budget were laid down between the two families.

As time flew fast, this tradition is also affected. Some chose to held the meet-up to some restaurants. 

Tradition like this is better be done, this is another way to show respect on both families.

08 October 2010

Groom's Room

You dated your girlfriend for a year or even a decade, then, you know its a perfect match. She shows the respect, politeness and love with your parents, and so are you to her family. 

You are sure you need and want her for the rest of your life, now the big idea of proposal is coming. If you are generous, ring with diamond may cost you a down payment for a car or even a condo unit, so it is good to watch for a big sale around the jewelry shops. 

After popping the ultimate question and she answered back a teary-eyed "YES", the bigger picture of happiness is on the way. 

Do you, my fellow guys, know that we don't just sit and look our brides to be rattled for the big wedding day? Here are some of the to-dos of the grooms, our responsibilities. check this out.

 1.  Make the pride to introduce yourself and your family to your soon to be in-laws.

 2.  Discuss the wedding with your fiancee. (date, location and the budget)
 3.  Fill in some sentences for your wedding website. (if you do have)
 4.  Choose your best man and ushers.
 5.  Start up the guest list. 
 6.  Visit your principal sponsors.
 7.  Discuss ceremony with the officiant.
 8.  Countless invites for food tasting.
 9.  Registry.
10. Marriage License
11. Plan for a unique honeymoon.
12. Arrange the bridal car.
13. Consolidate the expenses
14. Ready for the tux.
15. I do.
16. Put the ring on.
17. Deal seal.

07 October 2010

Bring in the Metals

    A metal with a Latin name of Aurum with chemical symbol of AU. Gold symbolizes power, strength, wealth, happiness, love, and the sun.
    Commonly used for making a jewelry. It was combined to other metals to add strength . Yellow is the natural color of this element, but, it can be turned into white, pink, green or even black, if putting some alloys.

    A rare and lustrous silvery white metal, similar with platinum but has a bit darker tone. Some love because it is lighter than platinum.

   A hypoallergenic metal that won't irritate a sensitive skin. This metal is very durable, gems placed on it is secured.

    Classic, weightless, hypoallergenic, and highly resistant to corrosion. Its color is gray or black.

05 October 2010

Paulo's Masterpiece

    As usual, Abbey surprised me with these designs. So happy to see it, kasi you can feel his eagerness, happiness and excitement to marry me. 
  This is masterpiece ng cousin nyang si Paulo. I am so amazed kasi he is so creative and imaginative for our logo. 
  Thank you PM. We really really appreciate it.
  What we will use for our wedding logo? So hard to decide.  



     Well, Hazel is such wonderful  lady. Sya din ang gumawa ng video namin na ang reaction ng mga viewers eh nakakaiyak.

     Thank u Hazel for this  suggestion. Hope to see you soon.

04 October 2010

Hizon's Catering Grand Food Tasting

WHEN    :  10 October 2010
WHERE :  Oasis Special Events Venue, 169 Aurora Blvd San Juan
TIME      :   11AM - 5PM

  Someone from Hizon's Catering will contact you after completion and submission of the form. When we (I, Denise, and John) attended one of their Grand Food Tasting held in their main office along Quezon City, we went home so full for just tasting a small quantity of each meal. The  presentation was outstanding and you get a lots of freebies upon booking. You can haggle to a lower price pa nga eh.

I love their lengua and so cheesy lasagna. Hizon's should be on every soon-to-be's checklist. 

03 October 2010

Wedding Band or Wedding Ring

Wedding band or wedding ring is a pair of plain precious metals given during a wedding ceremony. Uniquely designed wedding rings were filled with different expensive and rare stones, some put their fingerprints on it, some with different shapes and designs. 

Wedding band or ring both symbolize that the wearer was married. 

This ring should be rarely removed, for it serves as symbol of love, trust and respect to each spouse. 

01 October 2010

Kasalan 2010 - October 15

  Can't believed this, they're on its 5th year.
Remembering the former company I was used to be employed. We are fond of going to different exhibits and we are actually participating too, showcasing the different export products.

  Once you step in on this gathering, surely, you will be overwhelmed by the imaginations of people behind those booths.

  Gatherings like this not only caters weddings, they also serve necessities on debut and even children's party.

  Here you can see the top photographers, showcase of cakes (you are so lucky if you'll get a free taste), nice affordable venues, sumptuous set of food by well known caterers, creative ideas for the invitations, want hassle free wedding.. event coordinators are all up, free trial make up is a must, so many gown to choose from, and this venue was filled by music by different performers. 

  Soon to be grooms and brides, save the date and this event will surely help you, as it help  me and Ate Gail. =)